To do this, sensors, App and other technologies must be used to automate and collect and interpret data that offer knowledge, information and service.

The platform we offer refers to the registration of the company`s activities. We detail the costs and benefits caused by the activity of the company, society and globally. Thanks to these, it is possible to analyze whether a company has fulfilled its mission effectively and sustainably. We include all the results, both the positive and negative results that arise from the activities and in a private and private way, companies are monitored for decision making, rectification and improvement. Efficiency begins in the life of every company, before reaching adulthood and long before a company is founded. The consequences of ineffectiveness are very important and now, we are not leaving this fundamental matter of life in society pending.

In detail: Attendance management, Vehicle use management, Tool use management, Work orders and materials, inventory aids, Waste management, Fat/Sat (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ), Delivery notes / shipments, Incidents, ISo evidence and interactive SWOT, training and management of blocks, Assistance, Modernization, Competition, Communications in the company, Request for Epis, Manual records of equipment, environmental, machine and human parameters, Automatic parameter record tamper-proof by equipment, environmental, machine, and human IoT devices. Equipment rental, rotating audits and evidence, management of offer cards for the staff and customer loyalty.

Create your benefits plan in one click. Configure the service without the need for knowledge. Customize your production plan to measure and lean on our experts whenever you want

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" ZUM " / Advanced

... all the manufacturing or service information, in a digital information model created by all the agents involved in a TOKEN that we call "ZUM" (Zoom Unique Modeling). This represents the evolution of traditional design-based transparency and traceability systems, as it incorporates real-time time information on environmental and maintenance costs. It is not just a digital platform. It also includes a methodology and associated processes. When an anomaly is detected, it is visually represented in the exact place of the affected sensor, which facilitates the actions to be implemented. This tool contributes to decision making and is considered the first step in the implementation of the ideal product twin. We must also add the fact that the ZUM allows to improve productivity by decompartmentalizing the different services (engineering, maintenance, operation, etc.), which can use a single and common tool.

Automate, simplify management and generate benefits

For the company

- Get a bigger impact on the company. Multiply by four the adherence of your employees.

- We anticipate so that it takes place before the appointed time and to be predictable.

- Waiting for "tomorrow" to have the experience and solutions of the "future" might be too late.

- It is essential that companies achieve a better future, a world where technology is vital to achieve excellence for their customers.

For the template

- Increase the satisfaction of your employees, transportation,, training, PPE,

- Save time in daily management. Set up the service easily and don`tt worry.


- Stakeholder management is an absolutely essential element in the framework of the development of the strategy of any organization.

For us

- Offering the flexibility and ease of use to make the majority of employees use it

Assist in ranking activities in order of importance with the ability to carry them out effectively.

To be a team by your side that captures the style,
understands the desire and proposes solutions.

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Offer proposals and the organization decides, the control is always the company.

We always offer free, objective and impartial recommendations.

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